Things to remember before you arrive:

Policies vary among testing centers, but as a general guide:

Proper identification.  You must present a current and valid government issued photo ID bearing your name and your signature (driver’s license, military ID, passport, other state or federal government issued ID card) on the day of your test. You will not be permitted to take your exam without proper identification.  Expired IDs, credit cards, Sam’s cards, etc are not acceptable forms of identification. Please contact the testing center staff if you have questions about identification cards.

Items specifically authorized by your professor if taking a faculty requested exam (calculator, notes, book, etc).

For tests that require a separate test registration ticket, bring that ticket along with your appointment confirmation.

What not to bring:

Avoid large bags, backpacks, purses, or handbags.  Any items not in a securable bag will be placed in a securable bag provided by the testing center and will remain on the floor under the testing station for the duration of the test.

Avoid wearing heavy cologne or perfume that might distract other test takers in the testing lab.

All cell phones and other unapproved electronic devices will be powered off and placed inside a securable bag before entering the testing lab.

Food and drinks are not allowed in the testing lab.  A water fountain is available inside the testing lab.

Do not wear hats with a bill or brim.

This video is provided as a courtesy of Calhoun Community College.  Any specific policies stated apply only to that institution.

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